Blind Railroad Man, O Brother Where Art Thou?

"You will see a cow...on the roof of a cotton house..."   - Blind Railroad Man, O Brother Where Art Thou?

The Stomp has played some unique places in the months we have been out and about, playing songs from our record Chickasaw Lodge to anyone who will listen.  One of the most interesting is the venerated venue we visited last weekend, The Shed BBQ in beautiful Ocean Springs, MS.

Situated next to an RV Campground, The Shed is, quite literally, a long shed broken up into different rooms, extending from the entrance of the property all the way down to a bayou.  In between, one finds a rustic old wooden stage, endless rows of picnic tables and seating areas, and an incredibly friendly staff serving up world-class BBQ--we had the privilege of announcing that, earlier in the day, The Shed was named Grand Champion of The Memphis in May World Barbecue Cooking Contest.  (To the uninitiated, this is a BIG deal; Memphis in May is the world's premiere BBQ contest.)  All throughout the restaurant, both inside and out, are endless, tastefully-placed junk items: nick-knacks, broken musical instruments, ubiquitous signs and license plates, and, yes, a cow on the roof.

Most important to us, the folks were good to us, the crowd was stellar, and we enjoyed the heck out of playing there.  We are grateful to The Shed for having us, the staff for taking such good care of us, and, last-but-not-least, Flint, the sound guy for making us sound good.  We consider ourselves newly converted Shedheds,  and we hope to return soon.

~Signing off, til next time...Stomp on! 

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