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Mississippi Stomp Chickasaw Lodge Free Full Digital Download with CD Purchase

Mississippi Stomp – Chickasaw Lodge (S/R – 2014)

Yes believe it or not this is actually real deal and they didn’t use the famous USA word just to look cool – it’s where they live.

A sextet I may add who deliver some excellent authentic blues and southerness in 10 glory-filled tracks from beginning to end. One of those albums where it’s all one big highlight from the countrified opener ‘Got My Number’; the stonkin’ ‘Blues Got Hold’; Can’t Let Her Go’ & ‘Live A Little’ that dare I say remind me of Quireboys with female backing vocals.

Then there’s the delicious ‘Is Anybody Listening’ that comes across very biographical about a guy who plays his honky tonk in a bar and the closing salute to their area in ‘If Mississippi’s So Bad’ that’s pure gospel blues done by white dudes with plenty of guts and Hammond.

Pipe it up!


By Glenn Milligan

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