Coming Home 

A recent Saturday evening found us in one of the premier music-spawning grounds of Mississippi, and therefore the world; fertile soil from which the likes of Paul Thorn and Elvis you-know-who have sprung; the place where tourists go to the local hardware store just to see the flat-top guitars: the great city of Tupelo, Mississippi.

The eight members of our band are scattered all over north and central Mississippi and northwest Alabama, but Tupelo is a sort of lodestar for 
us--each of us has personal or family roots there; half of us still live in the area.  A good many of the countless watering holes in which we've played over the last twenty-plus years have been in this town, and we've enjoyed every one, and none more so than our latest host establishment: IDK.  

A converted Indian restaurant, IDK is a cool room to play: big stage, nice staff, good sound equipment, and a sound guy who knows how to make it sound right, Stu.  Many thanks to him and the rest of the IDK Crew.  We always enjoy being there, and look forward to doing so again.

As always, though, the highlight of any visit to T-town is the chance to see our friends, who have come out for so many years to hear and encourage us.  Y'all know who you are and we love you all; we appreciate your support, your encouragement, and, most of all, your friendship.

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