Hog Heaven



In the lexicon of the food of the South, a region that prides itself in its vittles, there is nothing more emblematic than BBQ.  Not barbecue, spelled out; that would be too formal.  BBQ, the stuff of stained-brick diners and backwoods cafes, shabby tin buildings and shacks, food trucks and trailers with smokers strapped atop.  BBQ is legion in our parts, served for lunch and dinner and breakfast, too (you ain't lived 'til you've devoured a smoked-pork-loin biscuit); doled out at fairs and festivals and the omnipresent BBQ competitions, where smoke wafts high in the air for miles, like a burning building--if a burning building wielded succulent pork. 

This is what we anticipated as we approached downtown Corinth, MS, recently, to perform at the annual Hog Wild BBQ Festival.  What we found instead was smoke emanating not from smokers--due to the pouring rain that had descended upon this Mississippi/Tennessee border town--but from the stage, as local band Home Brew was burning up the stage with searing guitar licks, smooth-yet-smoldering vocals, and an all-around great vibe.  We went on right after them, to a soaked-yet-enthusiastic crowd, then stayed for country up-and-comer William Michael Morgan from Vicksburg, now making waves in Nashville.  We continue to be fascinated by the copious talent we find in all corners of this most musical state. 

Many thanks to the good folks at Hog Wild for the hospitality they showed us on a rainy night in Corinth.  We heartily recommend this festival to anyone who enjoys great music; we definitely heard our share there

And, yes, the BBQ was delicious.  We recommend it, too.

Signing off Until next time....Keep The Stomp On! 


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